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While a product, service or profit is in a deteriorating stage, manage a 'steady state' is not probable in the face of rapid changes. Thus, change has to be introduced in a planned way to improve the status quo. This is known as de-freezing or unfreezing. It goals at changing the existing equilibrium and creating motivation to modify using mechanisms such as

1          Lack of confirmation or disconfirmation,

2          sharing one's concerns and perceptions frankly,

3          removing barriers of communications,

4          Induction of guilt and anxiety and creation of threats by reducing psychological safety,

5          Presentation of alternative scenarios, etc.

In case of any change, the effort is likely to be met along with individual/collective resistance that must be overcome. Status quo is managed while the following two kinds of forces are in balance in an organisation:

  • Driving forces, that prompt change and drive away from the status quo, and
  • Restraining forces, that hinder the movement.


Figure: Driving and Restraining Forces

These competing forces should be identified for effecting modify in an organisation. Although the driving forces ought to be intensified or added, restraining forces should be removed / weakened. However, both strategies should be followed concurrently.

Force Field Analysis
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