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Power Transformers and Bus-bars

Power Transformers

You have learnt about the underlying principle and design of a power transformer previously. The common operation and maintenance practices of power transformers are same to those of distribution transformers that are discussed further


A bus-bar in electrical power distribution refers to thick strips of copper or aluminum which conduct electricity inside the substation. The size of the bus-bar is significant in determining the maximum amount of current which could be safely carried. A bus-bar should be able to carry the expected maximum load current without exceeding the temperature limit. The capacity of bus should also be checked for maximum temperature under short circuit conditions.

Various types of bus-bars, namely, single bus-bar, single bus-bar along with bus sectionalizer, double bus-bar, main and transfer bus, double bus-bar with double breaker mesh and scheme are used in a substation in accordance along with the safety and reliability considerations.

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