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Power & Control Cables and Control Panels

Power and Control Cables

Power and control cables of adequate current carrying capacity and voltage rating are given at the substation. Power cables are used for 33kV,11 kV or LT system to carry load current. The control cables are needed for operating and protection system connections. The cables are segregated through running in separate trenches or on separate racks.

Control Panels

Control panels installed inside the control building of a switchyard give mounting for mimic relays, bus, meters, indicating lights, indicating instruments, control switches, test switches and other control devices. The panel holds compartments for incoming lines, outgoing lines, relays, bus-bars with provision for sectionalizing, measuring instruments, etc.

The panel is given with:

- Appropriate over-current and earth fault relays to protect the equipment against earth faults and short circuit; and

- Measuring instruments like as ammeter, voltmeter and energy meter for 33kV and 11 kV systems.

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