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Auxiliary Supply Transformer and Fire Fighting System

Auxiliary Supply Transformer

An Auxiliary Supply Transformer of adequate capacity is needed to be given for internal use for lighting loads, oil filtration plant, battery charging, etc. The supply should be reliable. In a substation it is generally given from a station transformer connected on 33 or 11 kV bus bar.

Fire Fighting System

In view of the presence of oil filled equipment in a substation, it is significant which proper attention is given to isolation; limitation and extinguishing of fire so as to prevent damage to costly equipment and reduce chances of serious dislocation of power supply as well as ensure safety of personnel. A layout of the substation itself should be such in which the fire should not spread to other equipment as far as possible. Fire extinguishers of the subsequent type must be provided:

- Carbon dioxide extinguisher, and

- Dry chemical powder extinguisher.

Carbon dioxide (CO2 type) extinguisher and Dry chemical powder type extinguisher should conform to IS: 2878 and IS:2171, respectively. For oil fire, foam type extinguishers are used. The fire fighting equipment should be managed and kept in top condition for instant use as per IS: 1948-1961 "Fire Fighting Equipment and its Maintenance involving Construction and Installation of Fire Proof Doors- Fire Safety of Buildings (General)".

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