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Overhead Lines

An overhead power line is intended for transmission of electric power through a bare or covered overhead conductor supported through insulators, commonly mounted on cross-arms near the top of poles. The overhead line may be 66, 33, 11 kV or LT line. The basic equipment used for the line remains the similar. The major equipment required for an overhead line is as follows:

  1. supports,
  2. cross-arms,
  3. insulators,
  4. earthing knob,
  5. earthing coil,
  6. strain hardware set,
  7. conductors,
  8. line accessories,
  9. guard wires, and
  10. LT line spacers.
Cross-Arms Earthing Coil and Knob
Insulators Line Accessories
LT Line Spacers and Guard Wires Strain Hardware Set and Conductors
Supports - Overhead Lines
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