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Disturbed Stage

While disturbance occurs due to strikes, the following actions/decisions need to be taken by the management:

  • Activation of all security measures both within and outside the organization.
  • Information to local authorities, respective regional load dispatch centre and the personnel within the organization.
  • Review of attendance inside the organization and their placement. Switch over to two shift operation of 12 hours each and issuing instructions to the concerned personnel regarding the similar and their placement in two shifts.
  • Activation of control room, which should form the nodal point for all activities within and outside the organization.
  • Activation of several committees, e.g., for maintaining continuous supplies of food, medicines, etc., liaison with District Authorities for essential assistance, making emergency arrangements, operation and maintenance of units already commissioned,
  • Review of the legal status of the strike and communication to all concerned. Press release might also be considered at appropriate stage.
  • Activation of service functions such as armed/un-armed security transport for executives and the sincere and committed workers, accommodation, canteen, etc.
  • Evaluation of the scope for further negotiations along with the unions and initiation of action on the same.
  • Receipt of reports from Intelligence Groups/loyal workers and taking essential action.
  • Managing the morale of those employees who have not joined the strike - a pre-requisite for smooth operation of power station/grid, sub- station during the strike situation.
  • Identification of Essential Areas: The technical as well as non-technical staff in grid stations and substations needs to be trained for manning the necessary areas during the strike.
  • Safe storage of vital records: Vital records should be duplicated and remain in a safe place to protect them from accidental fire as well as sabotage.
  • Provision of facilities like rest/sleep at nights, daily requires, etc. in the premises.
  • Alternative communication arrangements independent of power line communication and normal telephone department system should be provided as those are likely to be disconnected during commotion or due to sabotage/fire, etc.
  • Grid Stations should have walkie-talkie sets of appropriate capacity to cover the farthest point of the installation for effective communication.
  • Each station should be able to arrange for vehicles with public address system that can be used to make essential announcements. Same, main gate/gates might also have public address facilities for dissemination of announcement.
  • Emergency lights, DC operated invertors and generators and etc. must be arranged for providing relief when the power supply gets affected both in the normal or strike situation.


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