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Military Strategy:

The military-style approach to change is based on the use of physical force. The name military has been provided to this approach since it conveys the appropriate connotation to most people, not since the military is the sole user of this approach. Revolutionary student groups, police departments, and some teachers, for instance, employ the military strategy.

The primary assumption behind this approach is populace reacts to genuine threats. With sufficient physical force, people could be made to do anything. Therefore, considerable time is spent in learning to use weapons and to fight. Physical strength, conditioning, and agility are valued.

Membership in military-strategy groups is frequent determined through one's physical power and by one's willingness to submit to discipline. Both within the group & in its dealings along with the external environment, an influence is exerted primarily by the fear of authority and by the threat of punishment. Members of military-style groups require control, status, and security. They frequent tend to view most problems and relationships in terms of power, authority, threat & exploitation.

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