TOD meters

Installation of time of day (TOD) electronic meters and introduction of TOD tariff is a significant DSM technique.  This would help in flattening the load curve through way of giving incentive/disincentive to consumers during off peak/peak hours, respectively.

Three-shift Operation and Staggered Off Day

Demand from an industrial customer might be very steady if the company is running a three-shift operation or if the off days could be staggered. We should discuss some DSM measures for industrial customers in the next unit.

Further, energy audit of the power system is undertaken as a part of DSM to pinpoint excessive loss prone areas. Reduction of T&D losses in LT distribution system can be done through installation of amorphous core distribution transformers (AMDTS), and installation of LT switched capacitors for improvement in voltage level and power sector. Table reveals the advantages of using high efficiency distribution transformers over conventional transformers, by the initial costs might be higher.

                                  Table:  Comparison of Standard and High-Efficiency  Distribution Transformers


Type of Transformer -100 KVA  DT





Energy Efficient








No-Load Losses


260 W


220 W


Load Losses at Full Load


1760 W


1000 W


Total Losses at Full Load


2020 W


1220 W


Load Losses at 50% Load


440 W


250 W


Total losses at 50% load


700 W


470 W


If the DT is energised for 8,000 hours/year, total units consumed per year at an average load factor of 50%


5,600 units


3,760 units


Saving of energy per transformer



1,840 units


 We end this explain through describing the latest developments in this field.

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