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Effective communication:

An effective communication is one that uses words appropriate to the environment and mental framework of the receiver. This ensures which communication is grasped properly and implemented effectively. Read the subsequent story to understand this point:

A proposal for raising the salaries of the faculty members of an agricultural college was under discussion. The farmers' block was totally against providing the increase to the college teachers - they could not see why they should pay those college teachers $5000 a year just for talking 12 to 15 hours a week. Faculty representatives formed no headway in their negotiations until one of them, who had a few farming experience, got an inspiration.

"Gentlemen", he told the members of the administrative body, "a college teacher is like as a little bull. It is not the amount of time he spends. It is the significance of what he does!"

The faculty members got the raise.

Semantic barrier could also be created if body language is inconsistent along with the verbal communication. A manager who praises the honesty and sincerity of his/her subordinate in a sarcastic tone creates doubts within the minds of the subordinate as to the course of action s/he should adopt in a provided situation in future. The similar kind of barrier is created through a divergence among the verbal language and the action language of the superiors. While action and language are used jointly, the actions frequent have more powerful influence on other's actions than words. A management may, for example, profess its belief in being guided solely through the merit of employees while making promotions. But if employees observe which, in actual practice, promotions are made on considerations other than merit, a management's professed policy is bound to be affected through a semantic barrier.

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