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Expert systems can be utilized to improve diagnose capability of the system.

While manufacturing system, material handling task is performed upon the basis of set of individual tasks that are additional influenced by the physical attributes of the parts as like: weight, size, volume and assigned tasks as like: displacement and inclination. In Table no.4 describes such individual tasks such are usually performed via the material handling device. Answer to the individual task might be quantitative, numerical or ranging from higher specification limit to lower specification limit or in the form of logical expressions that is "no" or "yes".

Other task concerned to individual resource specifications is run parallel also to the individual task condition. The basic intention of this approach is to categorize the technology concerned to material handling device and to group the equal functional tasks.


An expert system has enhanced overall forge shop operations by enhancing scheduling. Logic, experience and scheduling are helpful in balancing constraints as like process capabilities and inventory limitations, and in meeting a variety of scheduling objectives. These objectives may involve minimizing work in process, late instructions, or machine setups. Ellwood City Forge or Ellwood City, Penn. focus in open-die forgings of one quarter to 25 tons, normally along with no two jobs alike.

To address the scheduling challenges of a business, such company adopted the Forge Shop Expert Scheduling System, metallurgy knowledge and incorporating company policies, and scheduling rules. The system improvement goals were to attain high quality and low cost along with reduced order rotate time and enhanced material utilization's efficiency. A secondary object was to increase energy efficiency. Such system had to manage up to 2,000 orders in the system, all of which could contain unique materials and processing, and a lot of which includes lot sizes of two or three pieces.

After successful design of expert system in scheduling operation, Company experienced the given set of advantages:

(a)   Its material yield and energy effectiveness have risen considerably.

(b)   Its accuracy above price estimation and delivery performance has been enhanced.

(c)    Its turnover time has been decreased from eight to three weeks.

                                     Table no.4: Set of Individual Tasks Performed by a Material Handling Device

Sl.  No.

Individual Tasks


Pick up point




Time for move


Time for load


Time for unload


Speed of move


Weight of item


Value of item


Temperature control needs


Balance/Stability needs

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