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Reasons for Resistance to Change:

1 Loss of control: Too much is done to people, and too little is done by them.

2 Too much uncertainty:  Information about the next steps and likely future actions is not available.

3 Surprise, surprise:  Decisions are sprung full-blown without preparation or background.

4 The costs of confusion: There are too many things changing simultaneously, interrupting routines, and making it hard to know the proper way to get things done.

5 Loss of face: The declaration of a need for change makes people feel that they look stupid for their past actions, especially in front of peers.

6 Concern about competence:  People wonder about their ability to be effective after the change; whether they will be able to do what is required.

7 More work:   Change requires more energy, more time, more meetings, and more learning.

8 Ripple effects: One change disrupts other unrelated plans.

9 Past   resentments:   A legacy   of distrust   based   on unkept   promises   or unaddressed grievances make it hard to be positive about the change effort.

10 Real-threats: Change brings genuine pain or loss.

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