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Tasks for Renovation and Modernisation

For assessing general operation, strategic planning and scheduling, three main tasks required to be identified:

- Incipient failure detection and prevention - monitoring, supervisory function;

- Identification of malfunction or fault state - offered by diagnostic techniques; and

- Planning for repair, replacement and upgrading - life assessment and condition evaluation techniques.

Researchers and manufactures have come out along with several condition assessment, preventive maintenance, diagnostic monitoring, predictive maintenance (PDM) methods for the equipment to decrease the risk of failure and extend their effective life and thereby help utilities overcome the challenges they face. Several condition assessment tools are used to build the health of equipment using latest on line and off line diagnostic testing techniques/technologies.

Predictive manages is gaining popularity as it helps eliminate unscheduled downtime of expensive equipment and reduces the whole cost of maintenance. This approach, sometimes known as 'condition-based maintenance', testing, analyzing and relies on planned inspections, trending of the relevant equipment parameters. In many cases, these parameters can determine the equipment's health and must be followed up through proactive actions in which change the way the equipment is operated to reach the goals set out. Instead, the performance of the equipment is analyzed to determine its condition and predict while it will required attention.

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