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Determine Technical Correlations among Product Features

Such is section 3 in figure of Generic Form of Matrix in QFD. The different product features will likely be concerned to each other in different ways. The cause of this chart is to found the strength of each of the relationships amongst pairs of product features. Instead of employing symbols, as previously implied, now we adopt the numerical ratings represented in Table no.2 for our illustrations. Such numerical scores imply significance of strong relationship amongst respective pairs of requirements.

                     Table no.2: Numerical Score utilized for Correlations and Evaluations in Sections 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the QFD Matrix



Strength of Relationship in Sections 3 and 4

Relative Improvement in Section 5

Merits of Competing

Product in

Sections 5 and 6


No relationship

No importance

Not applicable


Weak relationship

Little importance

Low score


Medium-to-strong relationship

Medium importance

Medium score


Very strong relationship

Very important

High score



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