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Measurability and Measurement Unit

The KPIs could be useful if it is clearly described and it is measurable. It could be expressed in physical, monetary or qualitative terms. Therefore the properties of some issues make them inherently hard to measure, example for the degree of a regulator's independence, so in the starting to select KPIs, these Indicators should be prevented and introduced at a later stage, while the system becomes more mature.

Technical aspects should be measured in commonly acceptable convention of measurement unit example. Voltage in kV. The system level should be described without any ambiguity in the starting and responsibilities assigned particularly at cut-off points or while the responsibility changes e.g. Voltage cut-off points in among transmission and distribution. Qualitative aspects of the steps are, thus, frequent the crucial factor in determining the success or failure of reform, but representation of qualitative indicators tends to includes a degree of subjective evaluation and judgement.


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