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Protective Barrier (Temporary)

When the work is conducted along public streets or highways, pedestrian and vehicular traffic should be warned by signs and flags by day and red lights or flares by night. Wherever necessary, signalmen should be provided. Adequate steps should be taken for public safety.


1 Every effort should be made to protect the public at all times where the company's work is in progress by the use of signs, barricades or personal warning.

2 When working on customer premises or public property, every effort should be made to avoid hazards to persons or unnecessary property damage.

3 Barriers should be placed around all open manholes, exposed open ditches and excavations.

4 Authorized visitors should not be left to find their own way.

5 Public should be encouraged to report dangerous situations which may come to their notice.

6 Visitors should be provided proper personnel protective equipments wherever required.


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