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The following safety measures need to be taken while using ladders:

1. inspect the ladder before use;

2. secure the ladder at top or station a person at its foot;

3. ensure that ladders are used with a slope of about 75 degrees or position ladder 30 cm (1 foot) out at base for every 1.2 m (4 feet) of vertical height;

4. ensure that the ladder rises 3 feet above landing point;

5. face the ladder when climbing or descending and use both hands;

6. avoid make-shift arrangement in lieu of ladder;

7. ensure that there are rubber shoes at both arms and at each terminal, i.e., at each end of the ladder;

8. before fixing the ladder, confirm that no electrically charged conductor is passing nearby; and

9. ensure that only one person uses the ladder at a time and another person keeps a watch on the ladder position.


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