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Factors in DPR Preparation:

You know that in our country, there is always peak demand shortage of power. The problem is further accentuated by the addition of new customers every day with the result that crisis management prevails over well planned effort. In Indian utilities, there has been a trend to churn out DPRs in 2-3 days time which lacks a number of features/pre-requisites particularly for the long term. We need to shift away from this mode of working. For one circle/district headquarter, a time period of 6-8 weeks should be kept in mind for a worthwhile outcome as it involves many activities.

Activities Involved in DPR Preparation

  • Specifying the technical requirements of select schemes;
  • Analyzing merits of selected schemes;
  • Developing cost estimates;
  • Assessing benefits;
  • Estimating payback period and return on investment; and
  • Elaborating the implementation plan.


Considerations for project development
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