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Consolidation of DPR Components:

Once data has been collected by intensive field studies, the DPR covering various aspects could be prepared for the development of the scheme.

Aspects to be Primarily Covered by the Schemes/Projects

  • All requirements to bring the health of existing system to normalcy. This might require reconductoring, replacement / augmentation of substation equipment, metering and several more activities.
  • Based on network study, all requirements to bring in new load centers, voltage regulation calculations, and additional network needs should be firmed up.
  • Development requirements for quality power, such as capacitor banks and others.
  • Improved reliability of the system through switching over from radial to loop systems.
  • New modern characteristics for demand side management, automation, peak load shaving.
  • Features for harnessing decentralized distributed generation.
  • Safety and regulatory aspects.
  • New emerging concepts for power trading along with the consent of load dispatch centres, etc.


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