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Role of the project manager:

The role of the project manager is one of great responsibility. It is the project manager's job to direct, supervise and control the project from the starting to the end. Project managers should not carry out project work; managing a project is enough! The project manager must:

1          defines the project, reduces it to a set of manageable tasks, acquired appropriate resources and builds a team to perform the project work;

2          set the final goal for the project and motivate his/her workers to complete the project on time;

3          inform all stakeholders of progress on a regular basis;

4          assess risks to the project and take steps to mitigate them; and

5          learn to adapt to change as no project ever goes cent per cent as planned. A project manager must have a range of skills:

6          Leadership

7          People management (customers, suppliers, managers and colleagues)

8          Communication (verbal and written)

9          Negotiating skills

10        Planning

11        Contract management

12        Problem solving

13        Creative thinking

Many things can go wrong in project management. These things are frequent known barriers.

A few possible barriers are:

1          Poor communication

2          Disagreement

3          Misunderstandings

4          Bad weather

5          Union strikes

6          Personality conflicts

7          Poor management

8          Poorly defined goals and objectives

9          Change in state policy.

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