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Precautions to be taken before providing Temporary Earth

  • Ensure in which the line / equipment are not live.
  • Permit only authorized person to provide temporary earth or remove it.
  • Firmly link insulated wires (for providing earthing) to earth electrode before touching any equipment.
  • Take care in which the earth wire is not close to other live wires.
  • Provide temporary earth on both sides of work spot.
  • Although disconnecting, first disconnect the earth rods from line / equipment.

1.  Ensure that the person giving the temporary earth wears rubber gloves/ gauntlets.

2.  Ensure in which the person giving the earthing procedure is at a lower level than the line / equipment being earthed and other workmen are 6 metres away while earthing.

3.  Do not allow the earthing to be disconnected until the whole work is completed and cleared of people and materials.

4.  Make sure that while work is being done on a 3 phase line, all conductors are earthed even if work is being done only on one phase.

5.  Ensure that while one or more workmen are working at a height, others are away so that if tools or materials are dropped accidentally, they are not hurt.

6.  Every employee should watch his/her counterparts that safety procedures are being followed.

7.  Whenever a switch is found open, check up why it is kept open, examine the parts of lines and equipment it is controlling and ensures that it is safe to recluse before doing so.

8. Ensure that your hands or clothes are not wet while earthing / working. It is unsafe to check whether a line is live or dead with bare hands or other methods.


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