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Post Disaster Response and Recovery Stage

The follow features need to be kept in mind for an competent recovery system:

1          Clear hierarchy of command system.

2          Mobilization of damage assessment teams.

3          Mobilization of teams for establishment of base camps /infrastructure.

4          Officer for communication with the outside environment / press etc.

5          Predefined staff for coordination along with other agencies for restoration.

6          Management of funds and resources.

Well documented steps and codes of instructions should be created for pre- disaster preparedness stage and the post-response and recovery stage. Approved financial resources, tools and equipment, communication system and infrastructure facilities, etc., must be given for field personnel. It should be probable to mobilize these immediately for preventing the delays and additional coordination constraints.

It is extremely significant which an analysis and identification of lessons learnt is carried out after a disaster has occurred and everything has been restored to normal. It should be followed by a workshop along with the participation of all stakeholders. The reasons are to take stock of what worked and what did not work, and identify gaps in the current system and specific ways of improving disaster preparedness. This should be followed through the preparation of updated Disaster preparedness plans.

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