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Plain Carbon Steel and Applications - High Carbon Steels

High Carbon Steels

The carbon content in these steels varies between 0.55 percent to 0.9 percent. Very elevated harnesses can be achieved via heat treatment. They enhance extreme resistance to wear and thus are good for tooling applications.

In still now another classification steels containing upto 0.3 percent C is called as low carbon steels thus comprising both dead and mild steel. Such comprising carbon between 0.3 comprising and 0.6 comprising are medium carbon steels and that comprising carbon in excess of 0.6 comprising carbon is high carbon steel thus including carbon tool steels.

Table no.5 describes several applications of plain carbon steels, while Table no.6 explains plain steels for various applications.

                                                        Table no.5: Some Applications of Plain Carbon Steels


% Carbon


Dead mild steel

0.07 - 0.15

Rivets, nails, tin plates, stamping, chains, seam welded pipes, automative body sheets, other materials subject to drawing and pressing.

Mild steel

0.10 - 0.20




0.20 - 0.30

Structures, rolled steel sections, drop forgings, screws, case hardening purposes.


Machine structures, shafting and forging, gear.

Medium carbon steel

0.30 - 0.40




0.40 - 0.50



0.50 - 0.60

Shafting, axles, crane hooks, connecting rods, general purpose forgings.


Axles, gear, shafts, rotors, tyres, skip wheels, crank shafts.


Rails, loco tyres, wire ropes.

High carbon steel

0.60 - 0.70

Drop hammers, dies, saws, screw




0.70 - 0.80




0.80 - 0.90



Hammers, anvils, wrenches, leaf springs, cable wires, band saws, large dies for cold presses.


Shear blades, punches, rock drills, cold chisels.

Tool steels

0.90 - 1.10



1.10 - 1.40

Drills, knives, taps, picks, screwing dies, axes.


Razors, files, broaches, boring and finishing tools, such machine parts where wear resistance is required, ball bearings.

                                                     Table no.6: Plain Carbon Steels for Different Applications

Sl. No.





Nails, rivets, stampings

High ductility, low strength

Low C (AISI 1010)


Beams, rolled sections, reinforcing bars, pipes boiler plates, bolts

High ductility, low strength, toughness

Low C (1020)


Shafts and gears

Heat treatable for good strength and ductility

Med C (1030)


Crank shaft, bolts, connecting rod, machine component

Heat treatable for good strength and ductility

Med C (1040)


Lock washers, valve springs


High C (1060)


Wrenches, dies, anvils

High toughness and hardness

High C (1070)


Chisels, hammers, shear

Retaining sharp edges

High C (1080)


Cutters, tools, taps, hacksaw blades, springs

Hardness, toughness, heat treatable

High C (1090) tool steel

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