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1          Commitment or support of the top management to desired changes.

2          Sense of urgency within the top management.

3          The perceived power of top management.

4          Clarity of vision within top management.

5          Shared vision - to what extent the vision is shared through stakeholders.

6          Congruence of targeted change efforts with ongoing change efforts in the organisation.

7          Decision making style and quickness.

8          Hierarchy   in organisation   - flat and flexible is more conducive   to change.

9          Super-ordination   - Willingness   of Line Managers to sacrifice their personal interest for the good of organisation.

10        Customer focuses of the organisation.

11        Monitoring of competitors by the management.

12        Risk taking - the extent to which managers/employees are rewarded for taking risk.

13        Innovativeness - the extent to which innovativeness is encouraged.

14        Communication channel - both directions.

15        History/experience of past change efforts.

16        Trust level between employees and management.

17        Availability    of   resource    persons    (change    facilitators    -   internal/ external).

18        Cooperation/collaborative attitude.

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