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Feeling the Need

Once the awareness spreads, the involved people start feeling the need for change in the organisation, particularly the required for elimination of unhealthy conditions. They begin thinking about ways and means to prevent such situations and about the consequences if no change is made. The feeling is intensified when the actual or projected outputs are not in line with expectations.

Exploring the Readiness

In spite of the felt-need, it is essential to explore the readiness of the organisation to change.  A process facilitator may call a meeting/workshop of senior people and on the basis of observations or the interaction; s/he can get an idea of the readiness to change.

Resistance to change is likely to be high while

1  too much fascination for the status quo is displayed,

2  fear and apprehensions are strongly expressed,

3  cases of failure are cited more than success stories, and

4  resource scarcity is repeatedly presented.

An alternative approach to assess readiness is by workshops. This approach is based on 15 donators that have been listed as a checklist under three broad classes.

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