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The management provides informal feedback of evaluation only at the final stage. As such, no structured method is adopted. Supervisor is the direct interface and his/her office takes care of other information. Organisational health surveys are conducted to gauge the employee's perception.

  • Reward and Compensation

Reward and compensation are directly linked to performance. The utility may use some of the following measures for motivating its employee:

-          Performance Bonus

-          Profit Sharing

-          Sales Incentive

-          Personal Improvement

-          Self-esteem and Recognition

-          Stretch Assignments

How does the Performance Management System Improve the Organizational Climate?

  • Clarity: making it clear what is expected of people.
  • Standards: encouraging people to meet and expected challenging goals
  • Rewards: linking rewards and recognition more directly to performance.
  • Responsibility: encouraging staff to take responsibility for what they do.
  • Flexibility: encouraging staff to expand their job, innovate.
  • Team commitment: encouraging people to work cooperatively.


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