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Two numbers might be compared through expressing the associative size as the quotient of one number divided by the other and is known as a ratio.  Ratios are simplified fractions written along with a colon (:) instead of a division bar or slash.


One day Eric paid $700 for a stereo and Scott paid $600 for the similar stereo.  Compare the amount that Eric paid to the amount that Scott paid, using ratios.


Step 1:  Divide the numbers to be compared. Within this example the amount paid by

Scott is being compared to the amount paid through Eric. The amount paid by

Eric is divided by the amount paid by Scott =   700/600.

Step 2:  Simplifying this expression, both 700 and 600 could be divided by 100.

Step 3:  Expressing that fraction as a ratio:

Eric s price/Scott s price = 7/6 or Eric's price: Scott's price = 7:6


If one yard equals three feet, what is the ratio of yards to feet?


Step 1: 1 yd./ 3 ft.

Step 2: 1/3 is already in simplest terms

Step 3: yards/feet = 1/3 or yards : feet = 1:3

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