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Part or Product Variety - Batch Model

Mixed Model

Now, different products or parts are made via the manufacturing system, but there is no require for changeover in setup and or program. This senses that the mixture of various styles can be produced continuously quite than in batches. For this what is essential is that the manufacturing system be designed in a fashion such whatever adjustments necessitate to be made from one part or product style to the subsequently, those can be made quickly adequate that it is economical to generate the units in batch sizes of one.

For both mixed model case and model case, flexibility is the desirable characteristic of a manufacturing system. Systems such batches possess that are called flexible manufacturing system or FMS. An FMS is explained as an automated, mid-variety, mid- volume, central computer-controlled manufacturing system that can be employed to produce a variety of products along with virtually no time lost for exchange from one product to the next. This consists of a group of programmable production machines integrated along with automated material- handling equipment and beneath the direction of a central controller to generate a variety of parts at non-uniform production rates, batch quantities, and sizes. Usually the components of an FMS can be classified as given follows:

  • Automated manufacturing devices comprise machining centers along with automatic tool interchange capability, measuring machine, and machines for washing parts. They can execute multiple functions according to the NC instructions and hence fulfill the parts-fabrication task along with great flexibility.
  • Automated material-handling system comprise un-load or load stations, high-bay storage, material-handling, robots and buffers devices as like: AGVs, transfer lines, robots.
  • Automated tool systems are composed of central tool storage, tool setup devices, tool-management systems, and tool-transfer systems.
  • Computer control system are composed of computers and control software to fulfil the functions of task planning, job, job scheduling, and machine controlling of the FMS monitoring


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