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Line Accessories

This is the related equipment required for fastening the conductors to supports and taking off the power or supply points like as joints material, clamps and compounds. For lines up to 33 kV, the following fittings are used:

Conductor dead-end fittings

  1. LT conductor dead-end grips,
  2. Guy grips dead-end,
  3. Service grips,
  4. Full tension splices,
  5. Distribution ties,
  6. Side ties,
  7. Spool ties,
  8. Tee connectors,
  9. Lashing rods, and
  10. Line guards.

Preformed fittings made of aluminium alloy are used as it saves cost, labour and time. That is also eliminates chances of error of judgment. No tools are needed. These fittings are fast and easy to apply and assure uniformity of application each time.

Joints should conform to IE Rule 75. For conductors up to 50mm2, crimped joints are made along with simple hand crimping tools and for higher sizes, compression type or hydraulic type crimping tools are used. Joints are of the subsequent types:

  1. Uni-joints/ compression joints,
  2. Twisting joints,
  3. Two part compression joints, and
  4. Dead-end joints.

Insulator ties secure the conductor to the insulator. In common, the tie wire should be the similar kind of wire as the line wire that is for tying aluminium conductors on insulators, aluminium wire should be used. The tie should be made of soft annealed wire so in which it is not brittle and does not injure the line conductor.

Taps and jumpers are made through several accessories, which are not subjected to mechanical tension. The Tapping should be taken off only at a point of line support.

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