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Open circuit and Sumpner's tests:  The open circuit test is carried out on a transformer for computing no load parameters and core losses. Sumpner's back to back test is completed for testing performance on full load for two same transformers.

Higher electric strength of oil will, thus, decrease chances of failure during abnormal conditions of operation such as lightning/surge voltages in the system and increase the life of transformer.




Rated Voltage of the Transformer

Minimum Breakdown Voltage


Up to 66 kV


30 kV


Above 66 kV and Up to 110 kV


40 kV


Above 110 kV and Up to 230 kV


50 kV

Preventing Loose LT Lines Preventing Low Insulation Resistance (IR) Value
Proper Maintenance of Fuse Gaps in HT/LT Side of the Transformer
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