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Orthographic Projections of Solid:

Now in this unit, generally right and regular solids are dealt along with. Therefore, when a solid is referred with no any description it must be understood as being regular and right.

The position of a solid in space might be specified via the position of the axis, edges or surfaces along with the principal planes of projection. The above are some of the positions of solids for those orthographic projections are explained.

1. Axis of the solid perpendicular to one of the principal plane.

2. Axis of the solid parallel to both the principal plane.

3. Axis inclined to one of the principal planes and parallel to the other.

4. Axis inclined to both the principal planes.

Axis is Parallel to both the HP and VP Axis Parallel to the VP and Inclined to HP
Axis Perpendicular to the Principal Plane Axis Perpendicular to the Vertical Plane
Common Guidelines for Drawing Projections of Solid Example of Alteration of Reference Line Method
Principal Planes and Parallel to the Other Principal Plane
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