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The IC op-amp µA 741:

The µA 741 IC op-amp introduced by Fairchild Semiconductor in year of 1966, is now extensively recognized as the most popular and general purpose op-amp.

The design of µA 741 is depend upon a two stage architecture illustrated in Figure

575_IC op-amp.png

Figure: Simplified Op-amp Circuit

A simplified schematic of µA 741 depend upon this architecture is illustrated in above Figure

Here the input stage is a differential input transconductance amplifier (consisting of Q1 - Q4) along an active load (comprising of the current mirror Q5 - Q6), the intermediate stage is a buffered inverting amplifier built from Q8 (with buffer consisting Q7 in emitter follower connection) and the output stage is a complementary class AB amplifier built from Q9 and Q10. A complete expanded form of this schematic is illustrated in Figure

1606_IC op-amp1.png

Figure: The Internal Circuit of µA 741 Op-amp

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