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Renovation and Modernisation

Primarily, the deterioration of electrical components in the distribution system is associated to electric, thermal, mechanical, chemical, environmental and combined stresses. Therefore, failure of equipment could be because of insulation failure, thermal failure, mechanical failure or any combinations thereof.

The concept of easy replacement of power equipment in the system, considering it as weak or a potential source of trouble, is no longer valid in the present scenario of financial constraints.Renovation, modernization and life extension of existing substations, sub-transmission and distribution network and field equipment outside the substations is one of the cost effectual options for managing continuity and reliability of the power supply to the consumers. Renovation and modernisation (R&M) is primarily required to arrest the poor performance of the substation equipment (mainly transformers and switchgears), that are under severe stress because of poor grid conditions, poor and inadequate maintenance and polluting environment.

In this changed paradigm, efforts presently are being directed to explore new approaches/techniques of monitoring, life assessment diagnosis, and condition evaluation, and option of extending the life of existing assets, that is generator, surge arrestor, circuit breaker, oil filled equipment like transformers, load tap changer, etc., which constitute a important portion of assets for transmission, generation and distribution system.

Assessing the condition of the equipment is the key to improving reliability. The information of equipment condition helps to target the manage efforts to decrease equipment failures. Reduction of failures of equipment improves reliability and effectively extends the life of equipment. Thus, utilities are continuously in finding of ways and means other than conventional methods or techniques to assess the condition of equipment in service. Therefore, remedial measures could be taken in advance to prevent disastrous consequences thereby saving valuable resources.

Residual Life Assessment Tasks for Renovation and Modernisation
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