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Activities Involved in Operation and Maintenance

The subsequent activities are included in the operation and manage of the Distribution System:

  • Continuity of service;
  • Technical operation and maintenance;
  • Retaining and Training of operational staff;
  • Renewal of maintenance contract;
  • Upkeep of spare parts inventory;
  • Record keeping of faults in the network/equipment problems, modifications, solutions and enhancements;
  • Secure monitoring of budgeted expenditure;
  • Preparation, continuous updating and proper maintenance of operational and network data;
  • Record of protective and isolating devices installed and their relay settings;
  • Record of schedule of manages and preventive and routine maintenance of network elements;
  • Development of spare elements;
  • Development of maintenance practices, tools and procedures for trouble free operation; and
  • Record of switchgear / transformer oil testing and its parameters.


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