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Maintenance of Lines

Pre-monsoon inspection of all 33 kV lines should be completed among January and March every year after obtaining due approvals for pre-arranged shut downs for the entire programme. The staff responsible for the pre-monsoon inspection should hold all the essential equipment like as ropes, petroleum jelly, cotton waste and enough O&M materials such as insulators, discs, nuts for the pins, binding wire, etc. In the routine maintenance practices, all the tree clearances are completed and all the minor defects such as damaged insulators, improper pin binding, loose jumpering and loose stays are rectified during the inspection itself. All the insulators are cleaned, all AB switches are lubricated and defective blades replaced. The defects which might take considerable time for rectification are remembered down and attended within the next one week. Examples are insertion of poles, replacement of damaged conductors, replacement of damaged supports, etc.

Periodical patrolling of 33 kV lines has to be done on a monthly basis. The patrolling is also completed and suspected defects rectified, while the line trips on fault. One of the major precautions to be kept in mind through the maintenance staff is to take the permit to work or line clear to work on distribution lines.

Procedure for Permit to Work or Line Clear
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