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Motivation is also influenced through an organisation, and its style of management. Management styles could be depicted to be in a continuum. This concept is based on the effectiveness of management in ensuring participation of subordinates in decision making and action orientation. This theory of motivation is action oriented and projects the organisation as a task oriented, highly structured and authoritarian establishment on one hand and fully democractic, people oriented and emphasizing a participative management style on the other extreme. These are interspersed along with two intermediate stages system while definitive relations among superior and subordinates have varying trust and confidence.

In the late nineteen sixties and thereafter, the concept of motivation expanded its horizon and in which procedure lost some of its sharp focuses on human requires but in no way lost the implication for organisations and their members. The emphasis shifted from the study of motivational notions to like fields as job enrichment, quality of work life, meaning of work, organisational climate and to a extremely broad spectrum of organisational culture. There has been a paradigm shift in understanding the relevance and contribution of motivation vis-à-vis organisations. The enmeshing of individual identity with his/her motivation is being given wider but well defined boundaries of social/organisational context. This might have caused some haziness in understanding and application of the concept. A psychologist likes to put a premium on the individual, while an organisational strategist would like to focus on the collectiveness. And the debate continues. Because each organisation is unique in its boundaries & contextual parameters, so is an individual. The concept of motivation and its complexities helps us to know and create a unique relationship among the two.

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