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Concept of motivation:

The other concept of motivation is in the form of five human requires placed within hierarchical order: Psychological, safety/security, social, self-esteem and self-actualization. This concept is based on assumption of internal motivation - the needs, wants and desires, that exist within an individual and influence him/her through determining his/her thoughts. These, in turn, determine the ultimate behaviour in a particular situation.

The underlying assumption here is that individual motivation depends on urgency and potency of the needs. As the lower order needs are satisfied, the higher order needs take precedence over them.

Another way of looking at motivation is in terms of the internal dynamics of an individual vis-a-vis the power of contextual factors like money, work conditions, etc.

An entirely different hypothesis of motivation is based on the nature of man, i.e., being lazy, idle and indolent or creative, open-minded and energetic. An idler is averse to any effort and would like to avoid any kind of responsibility. Idlers refer being directed and avoid being independent decision makers. They only work under direct control and threat of punishment. For creative reasons, the work is as pleasant and natural as play. Responsibility is a welcome concept and such people find self-regulatory behaviour.

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