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Participative style of management:

Significant components and determinants of morale are (a) a feeling of togetherness, (b) required for a clear goal or objective to be get, (c) expectation of success towards the attainment of the goal, (d) feeling of each member inside the group which s/he has a meaningful task to perform for achieving the target and that s/he also matters whatever might be the job assigned to her/him, and (e) supportive and stimulative leadership. All these determinants of morale are equivalent to in which of job satisfaction that is a precursor of morale. Therefore, the two differ as the term job satisfaction is used for individual and morale for groups.

An enlightened management should be conscious of the required for assessing the morale of its employees through opinion polls or attitude surveys from time to time. Low morale could be caused through factors beyond the control of the organisation. Therefore, workers' morale can be boosted up through (a) better methods of working in that workers or their representatives may have a bigger say, (b) utilization of incentive schemes along with the widest possible coverage, and the (c) consultative and participative style of management.

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