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Motives and Managerial Behaviour:

As a manager, we might have asked: What motivates managers to become successful in a huge organisation? Between other things, they required to make an impact to be strong and to influence the behaviour of others for the organisational good. What separates good managers from poor managers is the "need for power". Therefore, it should neither be dictatorial, nor power for personal goals. It is not crude power, or power used impulsively. It could be referred to as altruistic power, meaning the power to influence people for the good of the organisation for that they work. It might also be called socialized power, meaning power that is tempered through a large dose of self- control and perspective.

While a large number of executives are grouped according to their success in a complex corporation, running large, the profile of the effective manager looks like this: The top managers of an organization must possess a high concern for influencing people & commensurate authority. Therefore, this required must be disciplined and controlled so which it is directed towards the advantages of an institution as a whole and not toward the manager's personal benefits. However, the top manager's required for power ought to be greater than her/his need for being liked by people.

A good manager is not primarily motivated through the requirement for affiliation. The affiliation need refers to the desire to be liked and accepted through other people. People with strong affiliation need not necessarily do well in management positions. To manage a high morale and productive environment, policies must be applied universally & consistently. A manager concerned along with developing friendly relationships might make too many "exceptions to the rule" for certain subordinates, thereby upsetting these subordinates who do not receive special treatment. A manager motivated through the affiliation requirement may create poor teamwork and low morale. This, of course, would be inadvertent; as such an individual would not purposefully do anything to upset the relationships within the work group. It would occur most likely since of the failure of the manager to focus on the task to be accomplished.

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