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The required for achievement is not extreme between effective managers. The required for achievement means a desire to do things better. Entrepreneurs, for example, are high in the required to achieve. This is understandable since people high in this required try to do things better themselves and wants constant feedback on their performance to see how well they are working. Although good managers may be high in the need to achieve, it is usually not greatly out of balance while compared to the power and affiliation motives.

A manager with a commonly high requirement to achieve would in all probability be characterized through the inability to delegate authority. But good managers get things completed along with and through other people. They are, thus, needed invariably to delegate authority. The manager must get others to do things by influence or through persuasion. By definition, then, one aspect of a manager's job is to help others perform their jobs better, rather than trying to better perform the several short-term projects alone.

A mature, self-controlled required for power will help create a good manager who helps subordinates, feels strong and responsible, rewards them properly for good performance and sees which things are organized in such a way that subordinates feel they know what they should be doing. Above all, managers should foster between others a strong sense of team spirit, of pride in working as part of a particular team. If a manager creates and encourages this spirit, her/his subordinate(s) certainly should perform better.

The actions of managers can be measured along two dimensions - a concern for people and a concern for productive output. A strong power need combined along with a weak need for affiliation does not conflict with being people-oriented or democratic toward subordinates. Power is a motive although being people-oriented is behaviour or an action.

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