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Significant Motivational Factors:

The physical environment in that a person works also has tremendous motivational force. A pleasant, noise-free, well-lit room with comfortable temperature, and proper facilities (of telecommunication and etc.,) is more conducive to work.

Different individuals are motivated through different factors. This is since each individual in the organisation comes from a different socio-economic, cultural, religious, educational and family background, and every of these have a role in determining the degree to that one could be motivated through different factors.

You might like to state the factors that drive you to improve the image of your utility. Use the margin for this.

The design and content of the original work to be completed is in itself a significant motivational factor. An element of freedom to experiment along with new ideas inside the parameters of the job fulfils the creative urge of each individual. Freedom to take decisions and suppose responsibility for the results is another factor that enhances an individual's self-confidence and self- esteem. The more such factors could be built into the job, the greater would be the job satisfaction of the individual performing the job. A happy, satisfied worker is more productive and a great asset to any organisation. If you have devised some successful strategies as a manager, list them in the margin. Share them along with your peers in the video-conferencing sessions.

If an individual is permitted to design the content and objectives of her/his job, there are greater chances that s/he will work better to fulfill these objectives. This approach is called as Management through Objectives (MBO) and has been found to have tremendous motivational potential.

The manager has not only to motivate his people but also provide them along with leadership. To that extent each manager is a leader. A manager has to inspire and influence her/his people to willingly work towards achieving the organisational goals.

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