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Organisational goals:

Secondly, a manager must remember that a role or responsibility has been assigned to her/him. And to be able to perform effectively, the role demands objectivity in judgment and decisions and s/he should be guided only through the organisational goals.  For a leader, the interests of his/her people are of paramount significance and come first although personal advantages take second place.

Thirdly, the role must be moulded according to the unique situation in that the manager is placed. In our society, great emphasis is laid on personal relationships and contacts and managers are perceived to be elderly figures along with paternalistic attitude towards their workers. In the West and countries with a colonial past, the manager-worker relationship is confined to work.

Therefore, if a manager were to adopt a paternalistic approach in such countries, s/he would be totally ineffective. A manager who commonly follows a consultative and participative approach, seeking the opinions and consensus of his/her subordinates before implementing any decision, may adopt a very authoritarian approach in a crisis situation to effectively manage the situation.

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