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Meaning of Leadership:

Leadership and management are related, but not synonymous. For instance, the management side of executing plans focuses on monitoring results, comparing them along with goals, and correcting deviations. Instead, the leadership side of the same activity focuses on energizing people to overcome bureaucratic hurdles to help reach goals. This is further described in Box.

Box: Leadership Compared to Management

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To be an effective leader, a manager must have the ability to get along well along with people, be honest and possess impeccable integrity. For command respect of others, s/he must excel at the basic job of ensuring good customer satisfaction. In the context of a power utility, this means ensuring uninterrupted supply of power, zero error billing and etc. The leader must lead from the front and set an example through her/his actions rather than through just making speeches. His/her actions must communicate to the people that s/he is one of them. Only the feeling of oneness inspires confidence.

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