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Sand Slinger

Sand Slinger machine is employed for filling and uniform ramming of the sand in the molds. This machine is specifically advantageous for large molds. Sand slinger contains a heavy base, a bin or hopper to carry sand, a bucket elevator and a swinging arm that carries a belt conveyor and the sand impeller head. A bucket elevator contains various numbers of buckets. Well-conditioned sand is filled in a bin. After that this sand is fed to the bucket elevator.

1835_Sand Slinger.png

Figure: Sand Slinger

These buckets pour the sand onto the belt conveyor that carries it to the impeller head. This head can be positioned anyplace on the mold by swinging the arm. The head revolves at extremely high speed and throws a stream of sand into the flask at a great speed. This is known as slinging. The force of sand ejection and striking into the flask is sufficient to pack the sand in the flask uniformly. A sand slinger is displayed in below diagram.

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