Vee-Bee Consistometer Test Assignment Help

Measurement of Workability - Vee-Bee Consistometer Test

Vee-Bee Consistometer Test:

Vee-Bee consistometer test is more reliable as results of this test are not influenced by personal factors. This test is more appropriate for stiff concrete mixes having low and very low workability and slump value of such mixes cannot be determined by slump test. Therefore, this test is advantageous as compared to slump or compaction factor test in the sense that in this test the treatment given to concrete is very close to the actual treatment provided in the field.

The test setup of Vee-Bee consistometer is shown in Figure. For carrying out the test first of all the slump test is performed by placing the slump cone 'A' inside the cylindrical pot 'B'. After removing the slump cone mould the glass disc 'C' is turned and placed over the top of the concrete mass. Now, controlled vibrations are started through electric vibrator 'D' and simultaneously the stopwatch is begin. The vibrations are constant till the conical shape of concrete assumes the cylindrical shape and time is noted. This can be observed by viewing through the glass disc 'C'. The time required for complete remoulding of concrete (i.e. from conical to cylindrical shape) in seconds is expressed as the number of Vee-Bee seconds or Vee-Bee Degree.

2498_Vee-Bee Consistometer Test.png

Figure: Vee-Bee Consistometer Test Apparatus

This test is not appropriate for highly workable mix (generally if slump > 75 mm or so) because for such mix the remoulding is so quick that time cannot be measured.

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