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A lot of Workstations and System Layout

As the number of workstations rises, the amount of work such can be accomplished via the system raise. That results into higher production rate as evaluated to the single workstation's output or that of similar number of single stations working independently. Though, more stations also sense that the system is more complex and, therefore, more difficult to manage and maintain. The logistics and coordination of the system become more occupied also. Closely concerned to it, workstation layouts can have also number of configurations such fixed routing or variable routing. The layout of stations is a significant factor in finding the proper material handling system also. As per number of workstations and the layout of the stations, the categorization scheme has three levels which are as:

Single Station

This consists of one workstation normally including a production machine such can be manually operated, fully - automated, or semi automated.

Multiple Stations along with Variable Routing

This consists of more than one workstation such are designed and arranged to accommodate the assembly or processing of various part or product styles.

Multiple Stations along with Fixed Routing

This system contains two or more workstations that are laid out as a production line.


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