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Basics Of Integrated Manufacturing Systems


Computer integrated manufacturing or CIM not only comprises all of the engineering functions of CAD or CAM, although it also incorporates the business functions of firms that related to manufacturing. The ideal computer integrated manufacturing system applies computer and communication technology to each operational functions and information processing functions in manufacturing from order receipt, via production and design, to product shipment. The scope of computer integrated manufacturing, compared along with the more limited scope of CAD or CAM, is depicted in following figure.

                                             1636_Basics Of Integrated Manufacturing Systems.png

                                           Figure: Comparative Scopes of CAD/CAM and CIM

The base of computer integrated manufacturing is all of the operations of firms concerning to production are incorporated in an integrated computer system to support, augment, and the operation automation. The computer system is persistent via the firm, touching each activity that supports manufacturing. In such integrated computer system, the output of individual activity function as the input to the subsequently activity, via the chain of events that starts along with the sales order and culminates along with shipment of the product. The integrated computer system's ingredients are demonstrated in following figure.

                                       1579_Basics Of Integrated Manufacturing Systems 1.png

                                                  Figure: Computerized Elements of CIM System

Customer orders are initially entered via the sales force of company or directly via the customer in a computerized order entry system. The orders comprise the specifications illustrating the product. The specifications substitute for the input to the product design department. Innovative products are designed on a CAD system. The components such comprise the product are intended, the material's bill is compiled, and assembly drawings are organized. The design department output serves like the input to manufacturing engineering; here process planning, tool design, and comparable activities are accomplished to organize for production. A lot of of these manufacturing engineering activities are supported by the computer integrated manufacturing system. Process planning is performed utilizing CAPP. Tool and fixture design is completed on a CAD system, making employ of the product model produced during product design. The output from manufacturing engineering offers the input to production control and planning, where material needs scheduling and planning are performed employing the computer system. And similar goes, via each step in the manufacturing cycle. Complete implementation of CIM concludes in the automation of the information flow via every aspect of the organization of company.

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