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Surface Development:

The knowledge of progress of surfaces is extremely useful in the sheet metal industry, where products as utensils, buckets, cans, hoppers, domes, etc. are manufactured. Visualize an industry where domestic refrigerators are manufactured. Ultimate shape of a refrigerator is manufactured from the sheet metal.

Its door is first made on a plain sheet and after that cut and folded to form the door. To create a funnel out of a sheet, what must be the shape of the sheet which, and as well as when folded, forms the final shape of the funnel? Tailors first get ready a development drawing on a cloth to cut and stitch the accurate size and shape of a shirt.

A development provides the plane and shape area of the material that enables the cost to be estimated. Development must be as like to permit the minimum waste of material when the shape is cut out.


After read out this unit, you must be capable to understand

  • Significance of studying the development of surfaces,
  • Development methods for usually used objects as like cube, pyramid, prism, cone, and sphere and cylinder,
  • Inside sheet metal work, how to cut proper size of the sheet along with development and after that to fold at proper places to form the required object, and
  • Sheet metal necessity and cost estimation for various categories of objects to be fabricated.


Development of a Cube Development of a Octahedron
Development of a Prism Development of a Pyramid
Development of a Right Cone Development of a Sphere
Development of a Surface Development of a Tetrahedron
Geometric Objects
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