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Orthographic Projections:

An engineering drawing is such a graphic representation of engineering objects as like buildings, machines, roads, parts on paper. Modern engineering generates enormous numbers of articles, all first designed and presented in the form of a technical drawing, and then manufactured on the origin of this drawing. Engineering drawing recognized as the language of engineers is one of the fundamental subjects of the engineering education.


After studying this unit, you must be capable to-

  • explain the concept of reference projection planes that is HP, VP.
  • know the line of intersection of reference plains, that is X-Y line,
  • know the concept and position of four dihedral angles,
  • know the concept of projectors and their relation along with reference planes,
  • differentiate between third angle projection methods and first angle projection method
  • situate the position and sketch the projections of points,
  • know the concept of views,
  • know the relative positions of various views,
  • know the concept of lines and their projections, and
  • know the concept of projection of planes.


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Projection of Points Solids of Revolution
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