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Geometrical Construction:

Several of the constructions employed in engineering drawing are based on plane geometry. During this unit, we will deal along with some basic problems in geometric construction that is very often required for the preparation of technical drawings. In many cases, construction can be made more quickly and accurately by the so-called "draftsman's method". It is done using T-square, set-square, scale, etc. at the draftsman's disposal for the solution of problems in geometrical construction which can otherwise be solved by using only a compass and a straight edge. While preparing a technical drawing the students, should always prefer the draftsman's method for the speedy solution of the problems.


After studying this unit, you should be able to

  • get familiar along with various geometrical constructions that frequently occur in engineering drawings,
  • understand the different methods or ways to draw this geometrical construction,
  • select suitable method or technique for drawing these geometrical constructions and related geometrical features, and
  • Sketch tangent and normal to different curves.


Circle and Curves Conic Sections
Cycloid Ellipse
Epicycloid Hexagon
Hyperbola Hypocycloid
Parabola Pentagon
Polygon Square
Tangent and Normal to Curves Triangle
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