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You have learnt in the previous section which a lot of heat gets lost by windows.  Look for windows with these energy saving characteristics: double panes, low-e coatings, low conductivity gas-fill among panes; and wood, vinyl or fibreglass frames. Normal double-glazing prevents 50% of the heat being lost. The other option is a plastic window kit that avoids 30% of heat being lost. Using them in conjunction along with thermally-lined curtains and pelmets is the best way to keep heat from escaping by your windows and doors. Sheets of plastic film, that looks like cling-film, but is slightly thicker could be cut to fit the size of the windows and taped on the window frame. Blowing a hair dryer on the plastic shrinks it so in which it is extremely tight. Plastic window insulation helps prevent indoor heat from escaping and hugely avoids condensation from creating on the window.

The fitted plastic creates the air-tight gap that double-glazed windows have. This ensures which hot and cold air does not come into direct contact on your window pane. Therefore, these films cannot be used on most aluminium- framed windows and doors, as there is not sufficient of a gap among the window frame and the glass to work effectively.

An open fire is the most expensive way to heat your home, if you are buying wood (twice as expensive as a standard electric heater). Other clean forms of home heating are electricity, gas or diesel. They do not pollute air and give more comfort. You should look at home heating and insulation in combination, as improved insulation and draught stopping can reduce your heating needs considerably, making clean heating possible. Clean heating within combination along with good insulation is the best option.


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